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When I first purchased my Citroen 2cv I was greener than the grass of the emerald Isles, in fact in all my life I had never seen a 2CV until I purchased M12CV...I looked in vain on the Internet for info re parts, buying selling etc., know all the other things we Citroen owners want to know about, so I put up my own website for Kiwi Citroen owners and if you are from over seas, please join us,  you are most welcome and pics would be appreciated, please sign the 2CV GUEST BOOK so other CITROEN and 2CV lovers can find you, thank you, enjoy your visit and please come again...happy and safe motoring....If I see any 2CVs for sale I will post them on here, there are several people who wish to purchase a 2CV....below are some trusty Citroen people if your car needs TLC, tyres, warrants or whatever, these are the guys who know Citroens..

Authorised                Workshop owned and operated by CITROEN enthuiasts
10-12 Marino Road ROTORUA
phne 07345 5442
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call the guys below!
Michelins for Citroens!.
Phone: 0800 tyremaster.
The  Art of 2CV Maintenance
( from Auckland Citroen Car Club Magazine, July 2006) Wow this is just so important for our little cars, I learnt something here...The average sized road metal used here in NZ causes damage to some tyres if they are run at the recommended 20psi on the front.To extend the life of your tyres inflate the fronts to 26 psi.  The rears are okay at 26psi unless you are carrying heavy weights then go up to 30psi.  With 26psi up front you will also find the steering is lighter..
   Regular greasing of the King pins is an absolute must!  Phil says every 3months or 500km --or when the evidence of the last application is starting to disappear.  Use a modern waterproof molybdenum grease, not 'Multi-purpose 2' which is water soluble, and sure make that clean grease appears at both the top and the bottom as 2 brushes are used per side.  For those of us with brake drums in the front this is also time to adjust them for minimum piston travel.  This will mintain the intregrity of the cylinder O rings-- they can turn over if subjected to too much movement and then start leaking.
Once you have done that, remove the spark plugs, check and reset the gaps and swap the left to the right and visa versa. This will allow the plugs to wear evenly and extend life. As you have the grease gun in your hand at this time also treat the drive shaft nipples to a shot, to keep the sliding spline couplings moving smoothly.The workshop manual advises you to brush some grease onto the suspension knife edges.Have you tried to get some grease onto a brush and transfer it satisfactorily to something else? Forget it, Phil; says a drop  or two of heavy oil will keep them working. The suspension cylinders each side beneath the car can produce some horrible groans. This is not fatal but if you prefer to travel in relative silence, CASTOR oil squirted in through the end caps is the only solution. Full engine oil and filter changes should be done 6 monthly or 10.000km. As with the grease, use the best available modern specifiction oil-- don't adhere rigidly to what it says in the owners manual as technology has moved on and it is silly not to take advantage of it. Once this is done--- and after any top-ups-- be sure to clip down the oil filter cap correctly or your nice clean car will not stay that way.........
The 2CV engine is traversed by flexible cardboard heating/ventilation ducts which as they age, tend to relax onto exhaust manifolds and other hot spots.The resulting engine bay fires have probably written off as many 2CV'S as any other single cause! Either replace these tubes as soon as they show signs of  drooping or support them somehow---typically from cables strung above..
Finally, NEVER, reverse at high speed then lift your foot off the throttle, before depressing the clutch.The resulting backlash has been known to destroy the gearbox. The same applies to the Traction Avant....
The average sized road metar text.
This beautiful Charleston 2CV sold for $ 2CV owners look after your baby!......mind you I know we all do, lol my MI2CV hogs the garage whilst  our 2 other cars languish outside lol
Any 2CV owner can tell you of their great suspension, great  on the corners! very comfortable little cars..
OUCH! could be a problemo!
I  recently needed king pins for my 2cv and contacted
The service was quick, reliable and very reasonably priced..I was impressed!
So if you are in need of anything for Citroens do try David for excellent prompt service!
a great buy for a 2cv restorer with the original 'suicide doors' and left hand steering
near the $17.000 mark..phew~!.
oh  how we love our  2cvs!
SOLD $ 20.249
this was a bargain for someone..
personaly think it sold  too cheaply.
SOLD $11.800.00 
another very good bargain personaly I think it sold to cheaply
this scene is absolutely beautiful somewhere down south Island
SOLD $1015.00
Sold! bought by my good friend Tony B.
2 crazy frogs now in TOKOROA!
This smart left hand drive 2CV Charleston  was sold to a lady in TOKOROA, so we now have 2 cheeky 2CVs and Tony Baggely's saucy  French Blue DYANE
$15.500 ?
Sept., 2013 2 nifty CITROEN 2CV'S for sale....o add text.