Here is a brief history of the Citroen 2CV,
much has been written about this special character car, and I am sure you will find many remarkable stories on the internet, this one will just whet your appetite somewhat I trust for more of the same..
The Citroen 2CV really must be one of the most famous Citroens of all time, an umbrella on four wheels,  ' a tortoise', ' a four wheeled snail';  ' duck' , one thing can be agreed on is that it has certainly made its impact on the world and these sling offs  are but a few phrases thrown at one of the most remarkable  survivors of automotive history, the amazing, the enchanting, the intruiging and completely lovable Citroen 2CV!
Most owners of this quirky car form an emotional bond and attachment to it, which is quite remarkable in itself.
Andre Citroen, was the somewhat flamboyant founder of the Citroen car company, he spent most of the 1920's promoting large, stylist cars that fitted well with the ' roaring twenties darling.  but the economic depression of the thirties however forced him to alter his designs and also sell the company to MICHELIN.
This  new management quickly spotted a gap in the market for a small practical car affordable to the French working class. Under the supervision of one Pierre Boulanger, a specification was drawnup and presented for this toute petite voiture, or TPV as it was then known. Lol a tall French farmer plus Missus & her chapeau should be able drive in the  2CV, placing his bale of hay in the back and hopefully tranfering his eggs etc., unbroken to the local market!  So in the year 1937, a most extraordinary prototype puttered out of the Citroen workshop, the likes off that had never been seen before!  It had a 375cc air-cooled 9hp engine, 2 cylinder box, top speed 40mph and it was happy to rev flat out all day long, with  a most revolutionary suspension which is still damn good today I may add, it also had  a high canvas roof, and um odd domed ridged bonnet,  it was totally different to any other car on the road in that time, and the same can be said for today.The earlier models can be recognised by the oval ornament on the grill.
It  was formally launched in 1948, at the Paris Auto Salon and even though it was soundly derided by the motoring press, , the Citroen stand had never been so popular, this car was revolutionary, it was light and economical and cheap , and  it was welcomed with open arms by the French public, desperate for a affordable car, with little maintenance.
The 2CV today can move along quite nicely thank you in the modern day traffic if you are not in a desperate hurry, but uphill or with a strong headwind the speed will drop a little.
Forty-five years on and 5 million cars later, the 2CV engine size has increased to a magnificent 602cc, and the interior  is slightly more luxourious, though not much.. and  the  car's most redeeming features, the roll back roof, the marvellous suspension, the very comfortable movable seats, and last but not least  its great  trouble free air cooled engine, are essentially unchanged since the original.   Over the years the little rugged 2CV has been adored by its owners and become  a cult vechile, enjoying a huge surge comeback in Europe UK Canada, Australia, and NZ, in fact world wide, but  it is still sometimes  regarded with amusement by other motorists.
.If you own one of these intruiging little cars, you will be amoured , spellbound,besotted, enthralled, captivated with it., and also a little broke, one tyre costing $ 200.00 NZ
Such is the cult following if the CITROEN 2CV, there are  numerous 2CV clubs and 'raids' all over the world, The sturdy little 2CVs covering extreme weather conditions, through hail, snow,  rain, over deserts, and many thousands of kilometers...they faithfully chugg along
the motto is not a man and his dog, but 'The Man/Woman & his/ her 2CV!


THE CITROEN                 2CV
NEW ZEALAND. t..ext.
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